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Wife wet t-shirt I Wanting Private Sex

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Wife wet t-shirt

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I am in a situation that I am not able to leave right now and would like to find a Woman to talk to or possibily meet. Chat first, meet later, no funny shit, for. I have 2 boys ages 18 and 12, youngest lives with me. Oh and did I mention I am a freak.

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Early in our marriage, in the late 70's when wet T-shirt contests first became popular, a local bar was sponsoring the first contest in this area.

Just in case the contest got competitive and she had to strip, I suggested she wear her g-string under her jeans no thongs wfe those days! Finally she made it to the table and sat down to put on her jeans, giving us all a great view of her spread pussy as she did so. She grabbed her jeans and came into the audience totally naked.

I can't believe how excited I was becoming. Cameras appeared and hands were reaching out to grab at her jiggling tits.

Even before there were any other contestants on the stage and before there was any water she was flashing her tits to t-zhirt appreciative audience that had moved right up to the stage. I had seen some pictures of wet t shirt contests in some men's magazines and showed them to Lynn. We had consumed a fair bit of alcohol that night and she was very uninhibited.

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Was she ever wet! I think they came by to get a closer view of her bare tits since most of their eyes were wufe to her chest as they talked. She was up on the stage, which was only about a foot high, in a flash! When she saw this, she became very excited.

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I stood back and watched proudly as my wife's tits were being felt by many guys in wfie wild audience. Just as a few more contestants there were 4 in all came on stage she began to ease her jeans down.

She sucks a big cock and gets She stayed this way until we got home where I immediately stripped and drove my cock into her as quickly as I could. It provided some excellent side shots of bare tit as well.

After this erotic exhibition, the contest never really materialized. None of the other girls were up for the challenge.

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As I said, she had no shirt so we weren't sure what to do. She went out and bought a sleeveless, white crop-top type. She worked her way back to our table as I stood watching her proudly. Once the band took a break, the contest was announced. I was also armidale girls in nude more and more excited by the minute and "motioned" for her to spread herself for the audience.

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In these pictures, the girls were all totally naked by the time the winner was declared. User mini profile. Her tits and pussy were grabbed by nearly everyone in her path. By now the crowd was in a frenzy and the other contestants more or less conceded. She decided to stay topless and continued to sit at our table with her big t-shlrt bared for all to see.

Since she had torn her shirt and threw it away, her jeans were all she had anyway. Even nearly 36 years later, this incident still gets me excited. Here was my young 23 yo wife in a room full of horny guys and girls putting on her own strip show, loosely disguised as a wet T-shirt contest.

At the time of this story, she had long brown hair that hung to cover her 38DD tits. Super Sexy Girls In Wet T Shirts Cute Yuu Sakura in a white shirt skull fucked and cum blasted He pulls up Lizas shirt and exposes her tits It's all about the shirt Brunette Stasha strips fishnet shirt to reveal her anorexic body Asia local sex in see through shirt in fake taxi Wet Tee Shirt Contest Busty teen Bridgett pulls off her T-shirt in the woods Lily LaBeau wets her t shirt and gets her boobies massaged and licked One-woman wet t-shirt contest Blonde torn roommates shirt in bedroom Wet T-Shirt and Squirting in the Wwife Keisha spilled some water on her shirt and whil Wet T-Shirt and Squirting in the Shower Misaki Aiba plays with -tshirt dick in her cut up t-shirt before licking it clean of hot jizz.

She was making sure that she would not be leaving that stage without winning! Guys and girls came by to congratulate her or so they said.

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This was back in the day when pussies were hairy. Lynn tore her T-shirt open and threw it into the audience.

She turned with her back to the audience and slowly pushed her jeans all the way down. Little did I know that that she decided not to wear panties at all!. The shirt accentuated her big tits and her nipples stick out prominently.

t-shirh More than one guy grabbed at her tits, ass and pussy. Soon after, we decided to leave for the night and she walked out to the car topless as well.

She was so turned on that she began to slide her finger through her pubic hair and over her clit. The contest was still a few days away and you had to bring your own white T-shirt.

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The vision of my wife standing naked in front of a bar full of people entered my mind. She turned around, bent over and pulled her ass cheeks as wide open as she could. Her name is Lynn. They took a vote and she won easily. Her hairy pussy started to come into view and the place was going wild.

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She jumped up from the lower stage onto a higher stage and laid down on her back. Lynn spread herself for wiff wildly cheering audience. Once they were down, she kicked them aside and stood there with nothing on but her thin T-shirt and strappy sandals. She spread her pussy lips and the audience was able to see right up her hole, not to mention to puckered asshole -tshirt was also on prominent display.