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Who plays moose in step up 2 I Ready Teen Fuck

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Who plays moose in step up 2

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She runs off back to L.

He later got a message from Luke, saying "Where are you? When the second round come, the House of Pirates battle against the House of Gwai.

He didn't ask her to. When Moose and the rest of the crew are gathering around, Luke sees the camera that tapes the Club, where he sees a beautiful girl named Natalie dancing there. When they come to the place for them to rehearse, they heard the bell is ringing and the rest MSA crew arrive, along with Camille. When he come, he accidentally press the tap water, leaving the Dance floor filled with water.

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Though he was actually i and found Camille is sleeping. When his parents leave him and say goodbye, he and Camille were about to start the tour of NYU when Luke accidentally bumps into him. Moose's grandfather and father both followed the family tradition of being a technician, something Moose is good at since he got into 'The Maryland School Of Arts' due to his work on stage lighting. So Luke takes Moose to the club, and looks for Natalie.

He is quite scrawny though by the fifth one he has bulked up he also wears notably less hats. After Chase called her dancing 'little'. Then he hears a radio song ul an Ice Cream truck and asks if the seller can turn it louder by giving him 5 Dollars. He accidentally gets pushed to the dance floor and Kid Darkness challenges Moose to a Dance Battle, where Moose managed to beat him with crashing the balloons in the park. Before that battle come, Moose tells Luke that he Women want sex tonight Agenda come because he had a test coming that day at the same time, 8 o'clock.

Moose's styles are poplocking, breaking, weaving, and freestyle.

Then, when Moose is going to the bathroom, a few dancers belonging to the House of Samurai's mosoe come to him. He tells Luke to sit down and listen to Moose for a moment why he is dancing. At the beginning, he is seen starting college at NYU New York University majoring in Engineering along with Camille, who is his best friend whl he grew up with. When the group comes together once again, Moose stays at the fundraiser and tells Director Collins that he will show him where everyone has gone, Director Collins becomes impressed with Moose's dancing and tells him that he's clearly in the wrong department.

He later see Luke and Natalie waving at him.

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He later then decide to ditch the test and go to the Battle dance. They are now living together in an apartment in L. Then both of them accept the offer and up the crew and practice together. After that, Moose come to the vault and Luke told him about he get an Invitation party by Julien, where he used Natalie's phone. Moose come to college and mpose to find where Camille is.

When Luke and Natalie go, Moose send a message to Camille, telling her that he late and will be there as soon as possible. Camille got disappointed in Moose and decided to go. He is very intelligent.

Throughout the film Moose makes a great deal of friends who are also outsiders in the school. When the battle arrive, Moose hasn't showed up yet and still stepp the test. Then the group practices together to prepare themselves for the World Jam. Leaving Carlos angry and push him over and both Crews get wild and fight each other.

The crew had a highly publicized YouTube dance battle with Miley Cyrus. Julien and Luke seems to not like each other, and Julien said that Moose can't even finish his battle, saying "Bubbles and Balloons, that so immature". You're late! He and Omose then come to Jason's room, where they find Jason has many lights work there and Moose helps him make the Lights glow.

He soon began to lose sight of Luke and seeing many college students and other people gathering around watching Kid Darkness a popular dancer in the House of Samurai dancing. The battle ended with a final dance off between the two crews at the Teen Choice Awards. Then she finally decide to go with Moose anyway. After that, Moose and Natalie got asked by Luke if they wanted to the crew or not. He encourages Luke to go for the World Jam once again and Luke finally decides to go along and try again with the other crew mates that are waiting outside.

Physical Appearance Moose has curly brown hair and usually wears hats. Step Up Revolution Main article: Step Up 4 Revolution Moose is in "The Mob" but is only featured in one scene where he gets a solo but plys before that scene he recieves a call from Jason friend and former Pirate. He and Camille go dancing.

This is making him more worry and confused. Moose doubt to go cause he had a party to come to, but then he come along with Luke. Moose then tells him that he has a place for the crew to rehearse. Then the Santiago Twin comes welcome him back. Moose showed Andie his dance moves while walking around the school, causing her to ask why he doesn't dance professionally to which he replied "I didn't get in for dance, just stage lighting" Moose later ed Andie and Chase Woman seeking real sex Brainerd starting a MSA Crew.

He does a dance in the bar where he steals a guys hat and dances with a blonde girl, who misre the situation and kisses him. When Luke and Moose finally get away, Luke takes Moose to his vault, where his dancing crew welcomes Moose. Moose says that he thought the crew might need some extra mooose.

At the train station after the battle, the crew comes to say goodbye to Natalie and Luke while the two share a kiss and at the same time Moose and Camille share a kiss ib well. Personality He is goofy and childish, but a very talented dancer.

Then Luke tell Moose to come along, saying that he need a friend. The police then started chasing after Moose, but Luke tells Moose to follow him. After he gets his dance, he greets Emily's father, saying, "I'm Robert Alexander lll, but you can call me Moose.