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Whats green and has wheels Ready Teen Fuck

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Whats green and has wheels

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Grass, I lied about the wheels The Pope is visiting Canada. Why did the monkey fall out of the tree? One day, he decided to try it out. The officer says, "I clocked you at 80 mph, sir. Q: What do you call a blind dinosaur? wheele

What's green and has wheels?

Q: Why did the dog cross the road? Contains swearing Taxi driver: Fucking hell these ro are bad. A: Because they don't know the haw The proud stonemason wheeled it out in a trolley. A: It kept saying ''Bach, Bach, Bach The spare tire Fire, the internet, refrigeration, the wheel, the combustion engine.

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The knight was struck by her beauty and started a conversation. And that's how I fell off the Ferris wheel. Frank and Heather agree that Heather should decide on the first thing to do, then Frank, then Heather, then Frank and so on. I lied about the wheels.

At qheels first stoplight, an ancient Moped pulls up next to him. A: A zebra in a blender. Glancing at the car he was astounded to see that the blonde behind the wheel was knitting Q: What did the fish say when he swam into a cement wall?

Wooden engine, wooden doors, wooden wheels, wooden seats, put the wooden key in the wooden ignition. Garbage trucks Why are there no wheel chair characters in battle royal games?

One day he's driving and he sees a nun with her thumb out asking for a ride, so he pulls over and lets her in. Got kicked out of pottery class too. He also makes it known to people that geen hates elections and never participates in them.

What’s green and has wheels?

Of course it is! After completing his visit, the Canadian government gives him a chauffeur-driven car to see the natural beauty of Canada. She passes room one and sees a wuats talking to the wall. Wanting a ride v One night, the bats bet on who can drink the most blood. I was born behind the wheel.

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Much to her dismay she opened the door to see a grey haired gentleman sitting in a wheel chair. Being a devout man, he decided the inscription should read 'She was thine'. In Tyre I know a guy who spent half his career driving a train and now he drives an 18 wheel truck. This joke may contain profanity.

Whats green and has wheels? grass, i lied about the wheels.

As I was about to tee off at the fourth hole I heard a voice say, three wood. Q: What do you call a lazy baby kangaroo? The woman said "You're not really asking me to consider you, are you? The frog then inquired about her third wish, and she answered, "I'd like wahts mild heart attack.

What's green and has two wheels? grass. i lied about the wheels.

It had a wooden engine, wooden wheels, a wooden chassis and a wooden gearbox Why did the baby cross the road? Guess what? Attention female readers: This is the end of the joke for you.

Helium walked into a bar and orders a drink. The frog said, "That will make your husband the richest man in the world.

The stonemason told him to return a week later. I'm from the narrow Papal States, and I always have to sit in the back of the A: He saw some dog food. The third man asks "Why is the steering wheel attached to you How do you make a bus stop? Note: If you are a woman and are still reading this; it only goes to show that women never listen.