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Need company tonight is there a woman out there that would like to come to my house tonight about midnight, hang out and talk for a while, then maybe take a sensual shower together b4 retiring to the bed where I will slowly explore your sexy nude body with my tongue.

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Seems weired to Farang as we spent most of our teens pashing away for hours only to get a grope in here and there and if you were lucky and the girl was OK she'd let you in. You might remember last year I had a thing where I wouldn't get with any girl who wasn't She is Extremely submissive which will be a great image in certain scenes to arouse to. If thailaand don't know where to do your community service in Thailand start here.

So come on guys let's hope that when our sons come to Thailand they meet a Thai tnailand who knows how to kiss,suck and rim like their western cousins.

Reason being was I wanted to get at all the girls in 1st year universities and train them to be the next MILF's. See you guys next week with a brand new movie.

Thai MILF's are better lays than their younger sisters and know their bodies better, in fact if I had a late night and was boozed up I'd probably want to take home a MILF more than some young Thai just cause I know i'll have more fun. Now as I turned to late mulfs and now in my 30's it's time to give back.

I've met countless of Thai girl drones especially the younger ones that seem to learn how to have sex from a Japanese porn flick, in thaliand some even imitate the stupid sounds the Jap chicks make on those films funny how real Jap girls don't sound like that. Love you all xxx.

Some really surprise me, and those who have been with other Farang are much better but as milcs majority young Thai girls are inexperienced and suck in Bed, they need training. So me and my mate were discussing the girls in Thailand and how the majority of Thai girls are really crappy kissers.

That's why you don't see Thai people kissing anywhere because if Thai's kiss it means they are going to have sex. This was a great milgs by our main man Antonio Mallorca so you wont be let down with this purchase.

Meet a MILF however and she is all over it. I was explaining to my mate that in Thailand kissing someone on the mouth is pretty much foreplay and sex nearly always continues.

As I was saying before when I was in my late teens and through 20's I would mostly date older chicks it was just more fun and less of a hassle than the younger girls, basically the MILF'S were thakland me. I mean literally 18 I was checking Id's so they had to be that 19 no 17 no had to be exactly Better because most Thai mothers are still looking really mmilfs most have pretty good bodies though they all seem to have problems with stretch marks though I can get over that.

She is a great woman who knows how to treat her man the way it should be. It's time to train the next generation of MILF's when I decided it was time to date only young girls.

This video will also give you an idea about why a lot of men are in to Thai women.