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Thai massage gay

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:) If that's you, then let's meet. Supercuts Cleveland Circle m4w I came in with long hair and left with none.

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They massaged deep and pulled, stretched and walked over my back.

I suppose they had targets to meet hence aggressive marketing strategy. August 27, 6 Minutes I like having massages, especially sports massage, which helps prevent injuries and alleviate Delay Onset of Muscular Soreness DOMS in certain parts of the body, which maybe caused by sports or regular gym workouts. I checked out the website and the prices were massaage reasonable. We were greeted by the owner, Bruce, an expat Brit. I do not ask for sex, and I do not feel any obligation to give a big tip if there is any extra service involved.

A relaxing way to experience a thai - emerald green mens club

I am also partial to a relaxing massage every now and then, especially on holiday. Some actually reached out and touched me sometimes trying to pull me into their parlour. I looked into my wallet and all I had left was bahts. I have had them before on a trip to Bangkok years ago. Fortunately, afew kilometers away from the crazy tourist strip of Chewang Beach. - See traveler reviews. When I do, they are always friendly. I have had a similar experience with a spa treatment at Apsara Spa on Silom, though I don't think of that as a "gay" establishment.

They were located in the gay area in Phuket about a 15 minute walk away from my hotel located near Patong beach. For some reason images of my body being smothered with chocolate and Why are married men and girls looking for flings replying massaged, did not come to my mind whenever I heard that.

There is one for every budget. These extra services seem quite voluntary on the part of the massage boys. Most of all they gave service with a smile and lots of gratitude. Otherwise, even without the sex you should be tipping at least (and at a gay massage place they won't be happy with that).

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The Patong beach area is not bereft of Thai massage parlours. This type of massage works your entire body. But if you want a hard, strong massage either sex can do it. I have heard that Babylon hires only "straight" massage boys.

My session ended and though the website said tipping was optional and how much tip was given was entirely up to the customer, I still tipped him despite getting a prosaic massage. The hotel we stayed in was in Bophut.

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There was no part of me that was moved by this slender frame. He felt the tip was inadequate.

He replied saying that 50bahts Asian woman for sex with Dourados an insult and that I was lucky I came to his establishment, had I gone somewhere else and offered an abysmal tip like that, I would have been hurt. I have never been to a "gay" massage parlor, except once in Chiang Mai. I had to ask him to apply more pressure and go deep, which he did tentatively ga reverted back to soft mode. I chose to have a Traditional Thai massage and from the album I chose a massage therapist I thought looked, older than the rest and masculine.

While working on my upper thighs, his hands kept brushing my dick. As soon as I got to my hotel room, I checked Blue dolphin website again.

Male massage center in bangkok - thailand forum

I decided to try a gay massage place called Blue Dolphin. Perhaps this was a Thai gay custom. They were marginally cheaper thsi blue dolphin but gave very massages.

As we had been in the sun alot of the day, we chose the coconut milk massage rather than the fragrant oil option. They looked quite young bordering on pubescent. I was too stunned to argue with the guy.

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So I tipped him bahts which he grudgingly accepted. As a bonus with the option chosen, we also received a complimentary15 minute cleansing massgae.

Some gay. HI I am travelling to bangkok for the first suggest me a thai massage center for men where the staff are also straight men and not any gay or girls. From the tips of my toes to the top of my head, I had my muscles kneaded and manipulated in hhai a professional and experience way. Re: male massage center in bangkok 3 years ago Message from Tripadvisor staff This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.

My chosen masseur showed me to a room with an en suite a shower. Emerald Green Mens Club: A relaxing way to experience a Thai Fruitdale adult sex, given by male masseurs for men. He started with my arms, my chest, my abs, thankfully skipped my nether region and worked on my legs.

Thailand hotels and places to stay

I do not know that for sure, but I see many of them thak their wives and girlfriends at the noodle mmassage just after work, still in their uniforms. Bitch threw shade!! This type of massage is both energizing and at times, relaxing. Then led into our individual massage room which were clean and tastefully decorated and subtlety lit with a massage mat on the floor. I suppose the expectation was that since I was a tourist, I should be awash with money and therefore pay over the odds for a bland service.

Boy was I wrong. I got on the massage table lying on my stomach as instructed by the masseur and he got to work on my back.

Blue dolphin – massage with a happy ending

Trust me; I got what I wished for. On my arrival, I was offered some refreshing tea and shown the massage menu and a picture album of the available thxi.

The next 1. The masseur uses every part of his or her body—hands, knees, legs, and feet—to not only stretch you but also apply pressure on your muscles and loosen your ts. The one man I know who works there is "straight", but I know he earned extra money from the farang in the neighborhood at his job. The masseurs showed us through to a changing area, where we locked our clothes etc in lockers and changed into a sarong.