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So far, it is bliss. From there on out, you are getting married whether you like it or not and must perform quests to impress her family—as if killing Alduin wasn't enough!

Her songs are better

Back inI recall suddenly feeling very bitter about that. You can tell her to shut up and then open her inventory. One time after giving her ale, she asked if I was trying to get her drunk so I could I sleep with her. Nothing she says during a fight Women want nsa Dinero Texas witty or even funny, just odd and annoying.

Ekyrim is essential you do so as without it her idle skyrkm stop working and she will no longer teleport to you when falling behind as well as relationship stats not always updating in some cases. The only cute thing about her battle banter is when you start taking damage and she starts to cry.

Sofia, on the other hand, is a lightweight. She can't talk to Inigo. I know that I loved Sofia back ineven if she sometimes got on my nerves, and I still enjoy her now.

After I visited the Grey Beards, she made a crack about Jurgen Windcaller being "horny," sskyrim apologized for it, saying it was a bad joke, even for her. Source Better Romance Sofia's romance is pretty straight-forward—she has a huge crush on the Dragonborn and initially follows them around because of it. She is always so lovely-dovey, it makes me a bit sick.

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If you give Sofia alcohol as a gift she will drink it and become physically drunk which changes all of her dialogue to also sound drunk. And sometimes her jokes are a bit juvenile. Whenever I get to her marriage quest, I'll be sure to write a skydim review on the mod. On top of that, marrying Vilja—actually proposing to her—isn't very ideal.

"the elder scrolls v: skyrim" (): vilja vs. sofia

But I'd still rather my character had some soyrim in this situation, rather than being bullied or pressured into continuing a series of quests she may not want to unlock just yet. Somehow, I'm always glad I clicked on her. This kinda sucks when all you want to do is put her into drunk mode so that you can laugh at her.

But to be honest, I never felt it was well executed. I believe this will also be expanded upon to include many more customisation options in the future.

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The Inigo mod does it too, but because Inigo only has one sofiq so farpeople aren't really bothered by it. She even sneers at you when you become Archmage with a shocking amount of hate! On top of that, I feel Vilja's battle banter is dumb and loud, often drowning out Inigo.

It's just that her immature jokes get tedious after a while. But it's a joke that only lasts for so long. Once you officially start dating Vilja, she is constantly in your face offering to cook you meals or give you drinks, when all you want to do is unload your loot on her.

She repeatedly says she finds it difficult to believe that you stopped Alduin—which is so annoying after everything ksyrim did to stop him and save her ass! Also, Vilja thinks very little of the Dragonborn as a hero. What's more, if she's drunk, she makes up lyrics because she can't remember. Vilja is more Women looking sex Belden cheesiness and romance which isn't necessarily a bad thingwhile Sofia is more about laughter and hilarity.

She's a better fighter

She is tough, witty and just a little bit boastful. Note: when I say the stables I mean where the horses are kept and not the building. Not to mention her constant inappropriate comments which easily offend or embarrass people.

I think what people don't "get" about Sofia is that she's supposed to be a joke. Source was the year I "meet" Sofia. Again, Sofia is well-rounded and ultimately more useful. And I admit, after using more in-depth followers like Inigo, I was annoyed by Sofia's shallow childishness. I don't hate her or anything.

We are not laughing with her, we are laughing zkyrim her. Sofia is fully location and quest aware currently just the main quest and bounty quests and will comment on the player character and her surroundings. If you ask her to sing she will sing some familiar Skyrim tunes but with the wrong lyrics or her own new songs written by Christine.

I'm never aggravated or frustrated when I click on Sofia.

If you click on her again, she eagerly hopes you're giving her more booze. Sometimes I find myself in a hurry, trying to send her off to sell my loot at the store, but the store closes while we're standing there because she wants to talk about how fat she looks in her ssofia.

She treated my mage very differently than she had ly treated my khajiit warrior and it was a little shocking. She constantly makes fun of herself, Skyrim, everyone in Skyrim, and even the Dragonborn. I love that. Yes, I know Vilja's story is supposed to be about unconditional love. When I stumbled across Sofia, sofla was like a breath of fresh air.

After I wrote a long rant about how much I love Vilja, it probably surprises people to see that I love Sofia more.