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Slammer sex club

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I WILL NOT respond to emails without photos.

Age: 55
Relationship Status: Actively looking
Seeking: I Am Want Adult Dating
City: Lake Jackson, Newberry County, Saint John, St Helier
Hair:Dyed blond
Relation Type: Adult Ladies Seeking Causal Encounters

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The back dark room is where most of the action happens.

He started to really go at my throat and a ton of slobber covered his cock and my face. The second thing I noticed: the smorgasbord of men meandering through a place that was pulled from my deepest, darkest fantasies.

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In moments, he was right. If anything, remove paper towels from the public restroom.

So if you find someone you're into, there's a very high chance of you hooking up. I took a seat and watched the fire for a bit.

However, it was by far a great place! This place was sanitary.

Name's Ed. With the exception of one cute blonde boy who was very snobby and did two not so hot guys, it was not so hot. Men can step up onto the platform, find a hole, and get blown. This place is a complete rip off, and I will never go back there again! I went to town for a second, getting this guy lubed with as much saliva I could muster.

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This is pretty ridicules. It truly is a place that allows you to get down to business and there were some great looking guys there.

Two men sat and watched the fire, not really noticing me or eachother. He sat at a copier and I could see a little into the club through the glass. Suddenly there was a push and Ed was IN! Sometimes too much [unsafe sex] going on for my taste. I liked it so much, I went back the next night.


I can show you a thing or two. Many customers are pissed off about this.

There is a small TV area where a legit horror film, Candy Man, was playing. If they're not interested they'll tell you and if they are you'll know it soon enough.

Friendly staff. Behind the chairs there was a shipping container from which all forms of grunting and moaning could be heard.

dex Ed is a wiry looking guy, thin and tall with a bunch of scruff - I usually prefer a stockier guy but his cock is so perfect I can't help but follow. Lots of people but mostly freaks.

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I walked by several small booths in the maze-like candyland, some empty, others packed with fucking. Definitely recommend this place.

And he did not take time to go at it as hard as he could! Serious sex going on here.

This subreddit is about gay sex. nothing else.

He pulled out of my mouth and moved to my ass. The place is dark and dim, very much like a laser tag arena. A lists the prices for single entrance and yearlong memberships stuck to a wall near the door.

I had never felt so comfortable in missionary and really loved the motion it provided. I went to get out of the sling when Ed gently pushed me back down.

Already warmed up, I was able to get Ed pretty deep into my throat, something I think he was certainly happy about. I felt his cock stiffen in my ass and the feeling pushed me over the edge. Not for pussies.