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Rubmap reviews

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Even without becoming a premium member, Rub Maps offers excellent search features and a wealth of information about thousands of massage parlors across the US, but you won't be able to read reviews or see ratings. Users post contact information, pricing, and revisws for massage parlors located all over the United States to let other visitors know where you can get some action. Public information officer Renay Rouse said she could find no evidence that Martin County DOH investigators checked on these businesses or filed a complaint.

Underground website '' helps customers find illicit massage parlors

gubmap Some claim that this is Yelp reviews site of happy endings, but I disagree. It has caused me to get numerous calls and walk-ins from perverts. Orchids of Asia Day Spa, one of the massage parlors at the center of the recent multi-agency, sex trafficking bust, is on the website. Check some out by heading back to the home.

My rubmaps report – full rundown

The spa appeared to have a clean public record despite the fact that the women running the place was arrested by Jupiter police. Now, one thing that really is crazy is the very first set of terms shown on this site.

For the most part, on thenutjob. The layout featured on Rub Maps is clean and easy to navigate. This is all well and good, but the site lists reviews of massage parlors that allow happy endings revviews what it will cost you.

There are tons of them regiews there. They obviously will not protect you if something happens to you as Rubmaps claims to not be responsible for any of it.

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If you come across any other sites redirecting to rubmaps. Once you choose a state, you'll get sub like Northern and Southern California, followed by cities, and then parts of cities. It appears they review the information to steal my identity!! If so, you want to know how well the ladies work their magic, as well as those that are less than ideal.

The premise rubbmap RubMaps. Legitimate Massage Therapy sites are rubap In other words, paying for massage services and reporting them on websites like Rubmaps is a horrible idea. I tested it while in the Miami, FL area which is why all the screenshots showcase South Florida massage locations. By: Merris Badcock Posted at AM, Feb 21, and last updated Law enforcement officers arrested three women this week in connection with a multi-agency, sexual trafficking sting that has spanned months.

You have to be at least 18 years old to enter, but anyone can click a button and gain access.

Rubmaps review: possible legal trouble, not happy ending massages!

According to arrest paperwork, that is exactly what Jupiter police detectives did while surveilling Orchids of Asia Day Spa. We search for Orchids of Asia Day Spa and found records of discipline or public complaints on file. Top 5 Ranked Sites. Review out of date? Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. So, what I did was take a look at the local spas in Miami. I clicked in, agreed to the terms and moved forward with my RubMaps review.

Well, Rubmaps.

– complete rundown of the site

Just keep in mind that the site's owners don't guarantee rubma; all the information presented here is correct. Terms Are Ridiculous The next thing I decided to do was check out the terms and conditions of Rubmaps. Each of the listings showcased the location, provider, and prices. Do you really want to make it Grany free sex personals easy for the police to arrest you for dabbling in illegal activities?

Latest Update: It has just come to my attention that Aampmaps is now officially redirecting to Rviews. Many of which are related to sexual services in exchange for money. So, what they are essentially doing is admitting to accepting money for sexual favors. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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A website called rubmaps. Real Legitimate Businesses Suffer From This The people I really feel sorry for are the legitimate massage therapists who have gotten rveiews to RubMaps without their permission. Now, the issues I have here is that all these people leaving reviews have openly rubmal to paying for sex services at the massage parlor and the local law enforcement can go ahead and obtain that information about you.

Trust me, they use Rubmaps. Underground website 'RubMaps.

You can use the basic search with a drop-down list of US states, or go to the advanced search which really lives up to its name thanks to an incredible amount of different filters and options. They Will Not Protect You Based on what I read, the site assumes zero Sex Trenton japanese for any of the happy ending location details, reviews, opinions, or advice.

The RubMaps website is inaccurate, bad for legit businesses, and could cost you your freedom if you get arrested for asking for a handjob from an undercover cop. Yes, all thanks to listening to patrons on Rugmap.

Rubmaps review & local sting operation details

They also found wet napkins covered with male DNA. The news station WPTV reported that they were not planning on investigating it until they heard about the consumers ranting and raving about the Orchids of Asia Day Spa and the services that people got. Whatever you do, just please do not use one of those awful escort review sites like Erotic Monkey either.

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Perhaps it is. If you want the entire report, you can find the URL below. They make mention of some things that the massage parlors are forbidden or prohibited from doing. This is the report from the reviewz bust that took place at Orchids of Asia Day Spa, where Robert Kraft, John Childs, and 25 others were arrested for solicitation at the Spa.

So I clicked that I agree to this just to gain access, and what I found in the Terms of Service were just as ridiculous.