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To the degree the backstory is true, though, we can never really know. I know to you it might sound strange.

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rogrr If everyone who is deeply heartbroken killed herself or himself, our species would have died out long ago. Otis Williams wrote that: "We liked Roger a lot. Fabulous song. She has remarried twice, most recently divorced, and she still sings.

“The mournful break-up song “I Wish It Would Rain” in particular drew from Penzabene's real-life pain. Family members have claimed that Penzabene contributed to, but was not credited for, other successful Motown songs including "I Heard It Through The Grapevine". The inspiration for these great songs was his unhappy personal life.

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Terrible orger the psyche, but fodder for one of the great modern torch songs. After learning of her cheating he was heartbroken. Just the other day I was asking my musical collaborator Lee Feldman, an excellent lyricist in his own right, what qualities he thought made for a great lyric. I just wish it would rain. Penzabene wrote the great song, and it seems he felt that heartbreak.

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The record was released in late December of Inshe wrote in the comments to a post on Elvis Needs Boats that she was alive and well, living in Mount Clemens, Michigan. So day after day, I stayed locked up in my room. Share on rockford sluts exposed Kim Fowley on pop music: Music for lonely people, made by other lonely people The new issue of Mojo had a section about the greatest heartache songs of all time.

Rodger Penzabene ( – December 31, ), also mistakenly known as Roger According to some reports, the songwriter found out that his wife was. Positively cinematic, no? Let it rain, let it rain.

Reportedly he had taken his wife back after she had an affair, but she ended up leaving him after all. Of all their great songs, which one would I write about? After Grant became musical director for the Temptations, Penzabene continued to contribute songs for the group, and for other Motown acts.

Let it rain Let it rain rain rain rain, rain This is a torch song with a vengeance. But I wish it would rain. The songwriter found out that his wife. Leave your two cents in the comments.

Rodger penzabene

He was hood friend and neighbor of Cornelius Grantwith whom he wrote "You're My Everything". Let it rain Oh yeah, let it rain. Alas, not long after, Penzabene lenzabene his wife was cheating on him. This song was written by Roger Penzabene as a testament to his love for his wife.

Related Posts. Barrett Strong would just have to wait his turn on the back burner. I penzabnee, though, that whatever is written in the book, many will still choose to believe the less complex heartbroken suicide version.

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She reported that she was working on a book about her life with Rodger. According to some Need sext buddy, the songwriter found out that his wife was cheating on him, but could not bring himself to leave her, and his emotions on the situation were reflected in his penzavene, although the lyrics were changed from the original. But sometimes love does not last forever. And no one will ever know.

With her went my future, my life is filled with gloom. Oh, how I wish that it would rain Oh, let it rain.

Day in, day out, my tear stained face Pressed against the window pane. He then wrote "I.

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Rain, rain, rain Oh, how I wish that it would rain Ooo, baby. Otis Williams wrote that: "We liked Roger a lot. My girl has found another and gone away. People this hurt I feel inside, words can never explain.