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I Wanting Dick Piss drinking stories

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Piss drinking stories

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The routine is about to change The next post from my wife was a picture of my cock.

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So she stood up and bent over. I love the stubble. What are you planning on doing with your little girl? Of course, they're all bursting for a pee. The whole night was amazing, including Claire herself.

Then squeeze his balls but let the tip of your middle finger press on his asshole. The wife is bursting for some pkss in her life again. The stories were rare and I found the idea really turned me on. By: Kathrin Category: Lesbian Score: 4.

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She turned around and kissed me deeply. What wasn't shot down her throat was quickly wiped from her chin and lips and then swallowed as well. As I was sucking away slowly, guiding his shaft all the way down my throat and out again he just stood there, head thrown back and moaning sstories.

I loved the smell of her pussy at the end of the day. They invite themselves to an impromptu party, swigging champagne while forcing the guy to reveal his credit-card details.

Drink daddy's piss

Maybe I could warm her up to letting me lick her instead of wiping. I loved satisfying her t I suggested that we each come up with something that we tell the other one and with no judgement, the other one promises to do it.

But the thought of wetting her pants! You can either strip off all of Hattiesburg girls sex clothes and stand there and piss for driinking or you can stay clothed and wet your pants while we watch. She started to moan as I slid my tongue in and out of her asshole. I kissed the cheeks and inhaled the scent of her crack. Sttories then the plumber gets stuck behind the toilet panel, with only his waist and feet sticking out.

But before sgories could cover it up, Daddy pulled her on to the bed and gave her two quick smacks on her little ass that her left her squirming and giggling while she wiggled to get away. I laid down and she strattled me. But she's bursting to pee. It dripped off her fingers and she raised them to her mouth.

I sat up in bed and said "What the fuck are you doing? I looked up, and said "Do you mind if I hold it for you?

All four pies them began pissing all over her body and much to her surprise, she found herself loving the feeling of all this hot wetness covering her body and running down her in streams. She sucked every drop of piss off her fingers.

I pulled away and swallowed every bit of it. We climbed in the bed and again agreed that we would do the thing that the other person wanted stiries do with no judgement.

Piss drinking stories

I spit into her mouth again just for the fuck of it after that and she swallowed it again. And then, as if on cue, someone knocked on pisss door and they both turned to look. Their love for each other was like nothing else either of them had ever experienced. Trust me.

Atories breathing got heavier. Subscribe After making a pot of coffee, I checked my e-mail first; there were two from Ewa and one from Barb.

First time drinking my wife's piss

Do you want to wipe me or anything? He also started to let me take his piss straight from the tap instead of peeing in a cup and letting me drink it. I continued to lick her pussy and ass as she finished by squirting out the last little bits. Surprisingly, he was right! They decide to have some piss fun with on?