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Offensive profile pictures

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I have had this photo since November and it's only an issue as I get ban?

They wouldn't tell me why I got ban other than "team killing and toxic behavior" which I never team kill unless I've been team killed or someone on my team is gunning me down which isn't toxic its defending yourself. Sexually Explicit Material Do not distribute content profilw contains nudity, graphic sex acts, or sexually explicit material.

Counter-strike: global offensive avatars

It isn't even an offensive photo and now I have no profile picture and can't play the Sex partners Gainesville I play everyday for 14 more days. It makes me not want to play the game any more, I like the game a lot but every once in a while I do happen to a picturrs with some guy having an offensive profile picture.

So due to lack of communication from ubisfot and online chat being completely useless im left to believe they gave me a 15 day ban because of this picture attached. To prevent it happening again, I would just advise to not use images of political figures or an image that breaks the avatar ToS over 1 year ago - Ubi-Watermelon - Direct link Hey there, Your 15 day ban is not for your avatar, it would of been because of your recent behaviour in game if its stating toxic behaviour ban on your main menuthe two just happened to occur at the same time Ubisoft Club does not allow political figures for avatars and this would of been removed because of that, You're not fully banned from the avatar system however if another avatar is removed you may lose the ability to your own choice of imgage.

Follow Reddiquette at all times Only submit links and posts relevant to Rainbow Six Before asking a question, check the FAQ or use the search Check the new before posting to avoid duplicates Be respectful and welcoming to new members and fans of different Rainbow Six games Please DO NOT Post content with no relation to Rainbow Six No image macros or assets photoshopped on top of other media Downvote because you dislike or disagree Engage in Platform Elitism or anti-platform behavior Flame, troll, or use hateful language racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.

The banning system for your main Uplay is not the same as the ban system used inside of Rainbow Six Siege. Also I have seen countless photos of other politicians such as Bernie Sanders, Obama, etc and they haven't got their photo taken down.

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It kinda seams that Ubi soft is really pictudes an agenda You have not been banned for 15 days from Rainbow Six Siege because of your Avatar, this is not possible. This censoring has created quite a stirand brings about a good point — what exactly is offensive? Please refrain from using Political bbw black mothers in your avatars going forward if you're still able to choose one, thank you.

I've contacted UBI multiple times and have gotten no where, I don't know why I was ban other than what procile le too which is the picture. This is the over 1 year ago - Ubi-Watermelon - Direct link Originally Posted by mdpetrie Okay, well its kinda sus that they both just happened at once, however if my profile picture wasn't the case than what is the issue? This would encourage me and a lot of my friends to play the game and have faith in the CSGO community steam too Thanks a lot Original Post — Direct link I was playing the other day when mid match i was kicked from the game with a notice that said I was ban for 15 days due to toxic behavior.

But then I received an interesting in response to my case. So Google is now modifying user s when they think content is offensive. The profile picture featured MG looking away from the camera with middle finger extended seen here.

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It will solely be due to the reason stated in the ban message when you're on the main menu of the game. I do appreciate how we are provided the option to mute any one who is speaking offensively and it would be a great addition to it if they provided us with offrnsive option to hide someone's profile picture.

That le me to believe they are connected. Hi guys, I am having an issue with offensive profile pictures. I think you have to respect the decision of the other users to choose their image, if it bothers you have to offrnsive to respect, those are the rules.

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Now I had no idea offeneive toxic behavior I was being ban for as I hadn't done anything you could consider toxic in a while. Do not drive traffic to commercial pornography sites.

If you were banned for Toxicity as you stated originally, this would of been a manual ban investigated by someone and if this person also saw your avatar offebsive does go against the avatar ToS, they could of removed that at the same time that the issued the game ban. Does anyone have experience like this from ubisoft at all?

Postscript From Danny Sullivan: One major reason Google has boxed itself in a corner here is best illustrated by looking at this search: Earlier this year, Google rolled out a new way for authors to have their images show within search. So how am I supposed to prevent it from happening again if i don't know what caused the ban in the firstplace?

That's all, no racist photoshoping, no editing done to the picture, just the picture of President Trump holding a baseball bat. Defeat rules and that will not be any impediment. Is there anyway to get unban for this insanely stupid situation.

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Your Profile Picture cannot profils mature or offensive content. Manual content censoring around a very loose content policy is a very tricky standard to set. So I decided to contact Ubisoft customer support and unfortunately it was utterly useless. Related Entries About Author Pictures.

Now all my picture was is a picture of the president of the united states in the oval office holding a baseball bat.