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I just stumbled across these forums because I was looking for topics about Celestia and Luna so I could discuss them with other people who loved MLP! If anyone has any concerns, please contact an Administrator.

This includes excessive messages outside respected dedicated rooms, such as excessive bot commands in bot-channel. Following our own branch of canon from around Season 4 onwards, we've had world changing events, important characters, and canon characters alike working together!

Mod-logs - When someone is warned, muted, banned or kicked on the server, our moderation bot makes a note of it on this channel. See more ideas about Mlp adoption, Pony, My little pony. Mane - The place of the main chat, most of the discussion occurs here. Please exercise due care in sharing your own personal information. If the warnings are not followed, the below actions may occur: Warn - A warning is Blk man seeks bj female only by our moderator bot in mod-logs and when possible, is always the first approach to a breach in guidelines.

Forum-input - A place for Discord-only users to leave their input on the most recent forums Mod-discussion - A place for moderators and administrators to discuss current affairs and ask for help in mmlp. If you communicate with people you don't know, be aware that they may be dishonest. Announcements - A place where Wiki Administrators make statements mp require attention.

Mlp chat ♡♡

Room options:? Refrain from doing things that can upset other users.

We have a strict Privacy Policybut your IP address is logged and can be used to identify you in case of misconduct. If you chat enough, you will automatically obtain this role! Bots - these are the bots operated by trusted members of the community.

What constitutes as gross misconduct is up to the discretion of the administrator at the time. Jul 3, - Pegasus's only!. Each situation is dealt chaat a case-by-case basis. This includes other Discord servers, websites and self-promotion.

Mlp chat room/rp

Ban - A ban is regarded as a final resort and is only used in exceptional circumstances. Roleplay - For those who enjoy roleplay.

In the very unlikely event this does not occur, users with enhanced rights are subject to the same outcome as those without as well as having their positions under question in the form of a forum. Please note, we will only accept appeals that have integrity cha proper reasoning to them.

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Note: All moderators can use their own discretion when issuing warnings. Moderators - these are server moderators. Do not misuse the "Playing If you wish to appeal a ban, please our appeals server and put your case forward. Use your common sense.

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Notice that identities are unreliable. Chqt unique features like self-moderated rooms, roleplay bots, and a staff team that actually cares about your well-being, from the day you onwards, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Twitter - The Wiki also has a twitter and this Horny women Lexingtonfayette allows quick and easy viewing of our Wiki's tweets. This prevents the user reing and all links to the server show as "expired".

If the person in question happens to be an administrator, users are asked to contact and alternative Administrator. Do not derail channels from their deated mpp 4 Pornography, gore and other explicit material are not permitted; this includes links and direct uplo of such material. We're a growing Little Pony Roleplay Fun! If needed, please use respective dedicated rooms. This is a premium room Premium rooms have:.

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They have the ability to configure the server, manage nicknames and issue kicks, bans and mutes. Welcome to My Little Pony Roleplay Fun! Even if char is chqt explicitly stated, moderators can ask certain behavior to stop if they feel it is detrimental to the server. This is a room for all MLP fans! If gross misconduct is observed, the user in question is subject to having their rights revoked immediately by an Administrator.

My little pony friendship is magic wiki:chat

Wiki - For casual discussion regarding the Wiki. Townhall - A place to discuss changes to our Discord server.

Since V1's creation and fall nearly four years ago, PRP has had a rich and interesting history that led to the founded V2 server, which is members strong at the time of writing! Server roles Wiki Administrators - these are administrators on the wiki. Bot-channel - If you wish cnat use our bots, this channel is the place to do it.

Enforcement action Moderators will always try to warn fairly prior taking enforcement action excluding warnings. Please note that no major changes can occur without a prior discussion in the appropriate forum. lmp This chat may contain NSFW. Channels Guidelines - An easy way to view a reminder of the above guidelines.