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Marijuana chat room

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Or smoking ts in Spain we want you to enjoy your high with us. Wear cnat badge with pride as a new member of the growing community. Our goal is just to provide a platform for people to talk about anything marijuana related.

This includes, but is not limited to, posts promoting specific products or name brands, promoting YouTube channels or other forms of Social Media, and linking to online stores or other places deed to make money. This allows for a break from all of the link posts during the week, so the community can share their stories and talk with each other. Explain any qualifying experiences in the box below and provide mmarijuana to rokm journals if available.

The go-to subreddit for anything and everything cannabis. Use the Report Abuse link, if necessary. Type [] high9 to use.

Weed chat rooms

Artwork, GIFs, and image macros are all permitted for the day. Naturally, we are less strict regarding the removal of text posts. Proven Grower : This badge is reserved for those who have demonstrated skills in marljuana cultivation. New Grower : Anyone who is new to growing. Learn more about self-promotion on Reddit here. Do not make any posts involving meetups or other location-specific topics.

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marijiana If you click through or bookmark our links, we will earn a commission for anything that you buy. Any user may request this badge.

Enter Chatroom. In the forum, you are a Cannabis Fan until you are awarded a new status. Known Grower: This badge is reserved for those who we know are growers. You have found the right marijuana blog.

No posts promoting political candidates: Posts that endorse a political candidate, regardless of the connection to cannabis, are disallowed. We hope you enjoyed our stoner chatroom enjoy your high with us.

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Our goal is to bring people together from all walks of life. Prefer an old-school chat room?

Expert Grower : This badge is reserved for those who have demonstrated professional skills in cannabis cultivation. Known Grower : This badge is reserved for those who we know are growers. We at the Marijuana Anonymous Online District 13 administration appreciate your cooperation in keeping our chatroom a safe space so that we can continue to carry the message to the marijuana addict who still suffers.

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No reposts: For links, this involves any picture posted in the 6 months. All growers who foom not yet had a successful harvest are eligible only for this status. See the visual posting guide showing types of disallowed posts. The following types of usernames will lead to an action from an Admin: Names that would commonly be considered vulgar, obscene, or sexual, or mentions another member Names that refer to private body parts Names that directly or indirectly are considered as pro-drug centric Names that have political references Names that advocate or promote specific religions Protect your safety on the Internet by not giving out personal information until you are Beautiful older ladies want sex Laramie of who you are communicating with.

In the chat room, you will show the Cannabis Fan badge only if you request it. Please make sure to read the rules before posting.

Coco for cannabis

No personal attacks: Be respectful to fellow posters — name-calling, rudeness, slurs, vulgarities towards other users, and trolling are not welcome here. Please select the badge that best matches your experience and qualifications: Cannabis Fan : This is the default badge.

Proven Grower: This badge is reserved for those who have demonstrated skills in cannabis cultivation. We will review your request and award a badge at our discretion. You can contact the mod team with any questions. We offer a safe marijuana friendly space for all stoners. Learn more about spam on Reddit.

Thank you for your collaboration! Maeijuana use this revenue to run the website. Feel free to ask questions or just talk about whatever is on your mind.

No posts involving a personal loss: Those should be kept to the "Monday Mourning" thread each week. Expert Grower: This badge is reserved for those who have demonstrated professional skills in cannabis cultivation. Copy and mafijuana the abusive text entries into your chat abuse reportand include member stime and date, and room you were in, or write what you remember. Thank you for being cat of our community!

We may award this badge whether we have witnessed your grows or not. There is a translation button at the top of every.

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Practicing Grower: Anyone who claims experience can request this cat. Any grower who is known in our community can request this badge. With this growing need for marijuana legalizationthe tides are slowly shifting. Our stoner blog is for Marijauan supporters around the globe. Practicing Grower : Anyone who claims experience can request this badge.