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Someone who's funny, cool and entertaining; a chill person. Mr TinklesThe Cat, world domination.

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Here comes the Cool Cats. Their beautiful sharp claws are merely the most advanced weapons of modern weaponry.

These fantastic felines have a reputation for being evil and snobby, that however, is pure nonsense. Go away. Preps usually dislike the Cool Cats. Their so-called "arrogance" is an example of their superior intelligence.

They each have nicknames for each other. A A cool person. You will never own a greater living thing than The Cat.

Her boyfriends name was Taint because she swears she's going to marry Tait Langdon "Taint" from American Horror Story the character, not to be ctas with Evan Petters. Prep: Looks like the Adams Family had another cousin it. Their teeth, pointy and more timeless than a vampire could ever be.

These people aren't afraid to stand up for their true friends. Her friend who dresses more provacativly is called "Slutty" but not in a harmful way.

Most commonly seen wearing combat boots dctionary bandanas but not alwaysthese people are some of the most artistic, creative people you will ever meet. The Cat The most perfect, elegant, regal beast you will ever own.

There have been a few known happy, upbeat more preppy Cool Cats, but they are not entirely one label. Yeah he's real chill.

B A label invented by a girl named Cat The home for the people who don't fit in. Sometimes they're a bit crazy. The Cat is all mighty The Cat is your lord and savior.

Cool Cats are known to be a bit weird. He's one cool cat.

Prep: Oh god. These people have no desire to be popular and they usually hang out whenever they can.