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Access your University of Nevada, Las Vegas student account with From here you can log into your account or get help with your password. You can even get additional help if you need it. Feel free to search for a specific class that you need to add to your schedule or just browse through the course catalog to view different course programs and classes that are available for you to take.

There is a new feature of your my.unlv.nevada. Account. This is the MyPlanner tool in your student center. This tool helps you plan your classes out for a single semester, multiple semesters, or your entire time at the university. After you add all of the classes you need to your MyPlanner you can continue directly from planning to enrolling! This will allow you to really optimize your time at the university. You can access the MyPlanner feature by logging into your MyUNLV account and going to the Academics section of your student center. Log into you’re account today.


More About MyUNLVNevada

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas was founded in the year 1957 and over the years has transformed from just a small branch college to an absolutely thriving urban research institution. Throughout the years it has become an indispensable resource in a fast-growing and enterprising city. As a public research institution, the university is dedicated to different rigorous educational programs as well as setting and maintaining only the highest standards of a liberal education.

Here are some interesting facts and statistics about the University of Nevada, Las Vegas:

  • There are currently 23,801 undergraduate student enrolled on-campus and on webcampus
  • There are 4,819 graduate students enrolled
  • Of these students, 1,185 are international
  • 72 different countries are represented by these international students
  • There are 3,069 faculty members
  • There are over 1,800 students living in the residence halls
  • 146 different academic programs are offered
  • And over 350 degrees and degree programs are available for students to choose from

If you are fortunate enough to be a student of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, log into your personal My UNLV Nevada account by entering in your login information on the homepage. This will require your NSHE ID and password. If you have forgotten your password, use the appropriate link provided to get help. This will redirect you to a page where you will need to provide your User ID so you can have a new password emailed to you. You need to do this in order for the system to find your profile and authenticate your account.

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