Equifax 3-in-1 Monitoring

Safeguard your personal information online by signing up for Equifax 3-in-1 monitoring system through myservices.equifax.com/tri. Get started using the activation code that you received through your free enrollment monitoring letter. In as little as five minutes of your time, you can complete the sign-up process to begin your Equifax monitoring today.

There is no initial start up fee for this product, yet the subscription you have access to will expire and thus your subscription will need to be renewed using myservices.equifax.com/tri. Choosing to cancel your subscription will cause it to lapse and therefore be ineffective. Reestablishing your subscription later is easy, and you will never be charged without your consent or knowledge.


What do I need to sign up Equifax 3-n-1 monitoring?

To gain access or be directed to the sign-up or login page for Equifax, you should have received a communication enrollment letter. In this letter you will receive the information needed to start the application process for your account. The necessary information includes:

  • Your activation code
  • Access to your financial documents
  • Access to recent financial statements
  • Approximately five minutes of your time

You can begin exploring all the new features involved in Equifax monitoring system the soon as you sign up for services. Simply enter your activation code into the required box and click submit to get started.

Key Features of Myservices Equifax Tri

Reports. The reports program you will be given direct access to disputes, the ability to freeze a report, general information, and both be able to lock or share a report.

Scores. Scores gives members general information regarding credit scores provided under the offers described through the use of Equifax credit score using information in your Equifax, Experian and Trans Union credit files.

Debt. Users will have access to general information regarding debt as well as alert notifications that may be of value or importance.

Alerts. General information regarding alerts include reports, credit monitoring and scores.

Contact customer service and speak to an agent over the phone regarding any of your product related concerns. In order to access your agents phone number, you must login to your Equifax member center to make sure that your routed to the correct department to help you specifically handle your concerns and needs.

If you are searching for information regarding credit report updates, corrections or any disputes you may have concerns about, you should review your most recent credit report. Your most recent credit report will have a telephone number on it that will enable you to reach out directly to an agent who can help update or request corrections concerning your credit report.

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  1. Edward Osterman | November 14, 2016 at 12:10 pm | Reply

    I have been trying to renew my 3 in 1 Monitoring, which I have had for several years. I usually renew easily by telephone, but not today. Today, I repeatedly get a call volume message. I went to this website to try to do it but it asks for my activation code, which I don’t see on the renewal announcement I received. Where is such a code listed? On the other hand, can I do this via telephone later today or this week or will I repeatedly get the call volume message? Please help/advise.

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